Top 10 IT Companies In Chandigarh & Mohali

IT Companies In Chandigarh & Mohali

The IT sector has become an integral part of everybody’s life and it is very important for India’s Digital and Financial Growth. In a Techgiant city like Chandigarh and Mohali, There are many IT Companies providing Solutions. Let’s look at the top 10 Professional IT Companies located in Chandigarh and Mohali where you can find a job of your choice.

  • Infosys Chandigarh

Infosys doesn’t require an introduction as a leading IT company all over India. It has constantly strengthened its business roots since 1981 and has undoubtedly taken its spot as the number one IT company in Chandigarh.  Infosys Chandigarh has a vast and elegant campus situated in IT Park.

Address – Block A and B, Plot Number 2, IT Park, Chandigarh.

Contact Number – 0172-5021100

  • Tech Mahindra

In 1986, Mahindra and Mahindra company made their way into the IT industry with Tech Mahindra also known as Tech M. They have offices in various countries all around the globe. Tech M was one of the initial companies that began their operations in the IT park Chandigarh to offer easy access to IT jobs for all of north India. 

Tech Mahindra offers various jobs depending upon the expertise of employees such as – Software Engineering, call centre executive, Data analysis, Business analysis, project management, consultancy, etc.

Address – Plot Number 23, IT park Chandigarh

Contact Number – 0174-6668400

  • IDS Infotech

IDS is an IT service company and is also well known for – Engineering, content management, legal, health care, safety, patent research, and analytics services. IDS Infotech has 2 branches one in Mohali and the other in IT Park Chandigarh.

Address – I-8, Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park, Chandigarh

S.C.O 45-47, Sector 26, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh

S.C.O 146-149 sector 34-a, Chandigarh

Contact Number – 0172-5053601

  • Net Solutions

Net Solutions is a renounced global IT service and consultancy company and has worked with many brands across the globe like – Unilever, Microsoft, Harvard University, etc. They help brands in designing, engineering and analyzing market and data led by none other than CEO Mr Sameer Jain.

Address – Site no.15, IT Park, Chandigarh

Contact Number – 0172-4315000

  • Net Smartz

Net Smartz is an IT company specializing in developing webpages, websites, software, and mobile applications. They have 1000+ employees available in 10 locations. And are constantly been growing since 1999

Address – Plot Number 10, Rajiv Gandhi IT Park, Chandigarh

Contact Number – 0172-5055200

  • Kays Harbour Technologies

Kays Harbour company is a new-gen company focused on Art with IT Services and already served many brands worldwide. They provide many services to choose from such as – Software Development, Mobile Application Development, and complex web development.

Address – j-7, FCS, Level 3, Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park, Chandigarh 160012

Contact Number – 0172-4645080

  • Webdew

Webdew a rapidly growing company started in 2016. Webdew has expanded to a team of 60+ employees in India, The United States, and The United Kingdom. The company offers Digital Marketing, SEO, Web Design, Development, Video Production, and Graphic designing. They have collaborated on countless projects with thousands of clients all over the world.

Address – World Tech Tower, C-203, Sector 74, S.A.S Nagar, Chandigarh, 160055

Contact Number – 8814888848

  • Net Gains

Net Gains is well known for Mobile app development, web-based applications and platform development, Digital marketing, and other Services as well. They have skilled employees who prioritize projects with their Passion expertise and skills.

Address – DLF Building, Tower C, 3rd Floor, IT Park, Chandigarh

Contact Number0172-2700528, +919876597755

  • FCS Software Solutions

FCS Software Solutions is yet another well-known company listed on BSC and NSC. They have worked with numerous medium and large-scale brands worldwide and have 1000+ employees across Chandigarh and Noida. FCS has been rapidly growing for the last 19 years and making its way into artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Address – j-7, Technology Park, Krishan Garg, Chandigarh – 160101

Contact Number – 0172-4326635

  • Smartdata Enterprises

Smart Data is one of the best companies in Chandigarh, it originated in 1999 in Silicon Valley, California. It is an IT company that provides – web-based solutions, App development, Website development, and Healthcare business.

Address – E-37, Phase-VIII, Industrial Area, Mohali, 160071

Contact Number – 0172-4060000

Wrap Up

These Top 10 companies have not only contributed to India’s economy but also impacted the global tech landscape. These companies are consistently expanding and Driving advancements In the IT Field through their innovations.

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