Florida’s Top Driving: Explore 9 Top-In-The-Class Driving Schools

Driving Schools

In the Sunshine State, the possibility for your adventure is endless, and being able to drive means unlocking the whole world to explore. To have your driving skills excel to the top, a driving school can be your savior. So, here is a guiding list for you on the top 9 driving schools in Florida. You can select a driving school based on its reputation, review, instructor experience and specialized programs.

1. Orlando State Driving School

Orlando State Driving School is a family-driven school also known as Drive Dynamics. The school is known for working with professional and experienced instructors, providing safe, skilful, and proficient driving lessons. 

With a flexible schedule, you will get to experience pick-and-drop services along with competitive quotations. To pass your driving test on the first attempt, Orlando State Driving School is an ideal choice.

Address: 3559 Idle Hour Dr, Orlando, FL 32822

2. 160 Driving Academy

If you are looking to obtain a Commercial Drivers’s Licence (CDL) then 160 Driving Academy would be an ideal choice. When it comes to CDL, they are experts in providing CDL training programs and assisting students in finding employment opportunities. 

160 Driving Academy provides caring and committed instructors, flexible payment plans, and partnerships with numerous trucking companies.

Address: 9527 Regency Square Blvd #104, Jacksonville, FL 32225

3. Andina Driving School

For over two and half decades, Andina Driving School has been the driving force behind safe and confident drivers in Florida. With the help of 28 professional instructors, they offer a balanced combo of in-class sessions and behind-the-wheel training as well. 

Their services go further with a multi-language written test to ensure convenience for their customers.

Address: 8580 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33144

4. JMP Driving School

The beginning of JMP Driving School was once a dream to create a driving school, providing students with the best learning environment and exceptional driving lessons. They understand each student has their own strengths, weaknesses, and pace, hence they prioritise a personalized instruction approach. 

With an experience of more than 20 years, instructors are adapted to make your driving lessons fun and educational.

Address: 12485 SW 137th Ave #212, Miami, FL 33186

5. 911 Driving School of Orange County

This Driving school only hires and works with experienced policemen and emergency services workers to ensure the quality of student’s education. With their professionally trained instructors and their skills, 911 offers one of the most trusted driving experiences. 

Safety and experience are their hallmarks, making them the top driving school in Orange County.

Address: 9100 Conroy Windermere Rd, Windermere, FL 34786

6. Ultra Driving School

Parrish, Florida-based Ultra Driving School has been offering driving education since 2016. Customer satisfaction is their main priority and they focus on providing a safe and friendly learning experience for drivers. 

Learners get to have access to experienced instructors who understand their specific style demands and will work closely with them.

Address: Mulholland Rd and 124th Ave Dr E, Parrish, Florida, 34219

7. First Coast Driving School

First Coast Driving School is the talk of the town, experienced with 12 years of top-notch driving expertise. Known for their best results ranging from basic driving lessons as well as advanced courses. 

First Coast Driving School introduces you to transportation, and practising within city streets and highways. With First Coast Driving School you will get to experience personalized practice schedules verified by their skilled instructors.

Address: 6104 103rd St, Jacksonville, FL 32210

8. Palermo Driving School

Next on the list is Palermo Driving School, they’ve catered to many first-time drivers, new adult learners, and experienced drivers with expired licences. With expert support for writing and driving tests, Palermo Driving School is offering one of the most effective communication and understanding for all students.

Address: 2040 NE 163rd St, Miami, FL 33162

9. AB Auto Driving and Traffic School

AB Auto Driving and Traffic School specializes in courses ranging from driving lessons and tests on licences and permits. Students are provided with numerous packages along with free classes, study material, manuals, videos, and articles to ensure safe and responsible driving. 

Address: 21469 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33169


It’s crucial for any prospective driver to select the right driving school to become a skilled and responsible driver. These driving schools offer specialized training that will instil confidence in improving driving experience and skills. 

Whether you live in Orlando, Parrish, Miami, Jacksonville or any other part of Florida, You can select the perfect driving school for you. Just align your choice based on your personal preferences, budget, and timing.

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