Top 10 Cake Shops In Chandigarh


Chandigarh is a famous city known for various destinations and tourist spots. It is a popular city known for its baked goods and delicious cakes. Besides greenery and architecture, there are many cake shops located in Chandigarh that meet the cravings of dessert lovers. Here we make the article on the best 10 cake shops in Chandigarh, from where you can buy a cake or other baked items or satisfy your cravings.

  1. Vinnie’s The Artisan Bakers

Vinnie’s is a bakery that makes a specialty of cakes made to order, regularly with a particular layout in mind. The cakes are made with a lot of research and improvement due to the fact that the baker desires to make sure that their clients’ possibilities are taken into consideration.

  1. Cookie’s Jar

One of the exceptional cake stores in Chandigarh, Cookie’s Jar serves clean cakes at lower priced fees without compromising on excellence. Geet and Vir started out this bakery in 2013 to deliver delicious custom cakes. To preserve excessive excellence, they source fresh components and use conventional strategies. Creating custom desserts and chocolates for all occasions, which include weddings, birthdays, event events, corporate gifting, and extras, is their specialty.

  1. Bakers

Mrs bakers offers a big selection of baked items and a number of the most delectable desserts one has ever tasted. Bread loaves, cookies, chocolates, pastries, and desserts are only a few of the goods available. Each category has a stage of range which is unsurpassed. But, of course, the U.S.P. The desserts come in various flavours and can be custom-designed to shape any event.

A cafe’s objects are also to be had. In common, one price is around four hundred rupees. The flavours in their banoffee pie are flawlessly balanced. It additionally serves delicious croissants. Their multi-grain bread is delicious. All have-to-strive cakes consist of chocolate walnut cake, chocolate eclairs, dessert combinations, fresh fruit cakes, strawberry chocolate cake, chocolate praline, and blueberry cheesecake.

  1. The Baker-Smith

It creates and customizes desserts and offers a huge range of cakes to fulfill one’s candy tooth. Their cakes are absolutely the most flavorful, and they can make whatever theme you choose.

Their baked savouries tease and taunt the flavour buds whilst beautiful to the eyes of all, based totally on the premise that baked savouries are greater than just meals but a completely unique revel for each purchaser.


The bakery serves a number of cakes, desserts, cookies, and snacks, as well as a few scrumptious savouries. The bakery’s bread is especially exact. The bakery has top-notch surroundings and offers splendid food at reasonable prices. It’s perfect for circle of relatives gatherings and friends get-togethers.

  1. Crumbs through Sanchit Malhotra

Customers who speak about Crumbs can’t end a sentence without recalling the delicious cakes. Sanchit Malhotra has a way with cakes, and he can turn any everyday cake into a rollercoaster of particular flavours. He is professional in all baked cakes, synonymous with a French patisserie. Be it entremets, profiteroles, éclairs, tarts, macarons, clothier cakes or liquor desserts, he bakes them to perfection. Crumbs integrates international components for a flavourful enjoyment.

  1. Crumbs Chandigarh

The bakery Crumbs Chandigarh is a popular region for people to reserve cupcakes and cheesecakes. The cakes are delicious and are available in many extraordinary flavours. There is also a tea section where you may buy scrumptious tea desserts.

  1. Monica’s Puddings and Pies

One of the oldest bakeries in Chandigarh, Monica’s Puddings and Pies has been serving boutique desserts since 1994. With indulgent desserts at the heart of their menu, they serve over forty varieties of desserts. Their cakes are free of artificial flavours and preservatives. They offer eggless desserts in loads of flavours and sizes up to ten kg. Their assortment is positive to electrify humans of all ages and businesses. Besides corporate gifting, festive hampers, and floral bouquets, they organize baking instructions.

  1. Petite Sweet

Petite Sweet brings a European taste to Chandigarh’s cake fans. They use the great nearby substances to bake all their gadgets from scratch. They are recognized for customized cakes and cupcakes. Their expert contact in all their desserts makes them famous amongst cake fans in the town.

  1. Harpreet Confectionery

The cakes are very splendid. The presentation is incredible in phrases of aesthetics. Their selection of cookies, bespoke desserts and pastries, and different baked goodies will lure your flavour buds. So, what are you conserving out for? Now is the time to place your orders and customize a sweet treat from Harpreet Confectionery to make a person feel extra special.

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