Top Free Things To Do Near Me In Florida


Florida is a place where people do not need to spend dollars to have a good time there. There are many expensive tourist spots and theme parks in Florida. But you can choose the free things to do also. There are many free things for people to do in Florida. If you also do not want to spend too much money on expensive places or things, then here is the list of free things for you to do in Florida.

  1. Fort Matanzas National Monument in St. Augustine

Fourteen miles south of St. Augustine, placed on a scenic inlet wherein dolphins play and wading birds have dinner parties, Fort Matanzas is one of the oldest buildings in Florida. The Spanish citadel, built in 1742, 50 years after the grand Castillo de San Marcos citadel in St. Augustine, was designed to dam the “lower back door” entrance to St. Augustine via the Matanzas Inlet.

  1. Go Birding and Admire Exotic Birds All Around the State

Now, I’m not an ornithologist or primary chook fanatic. However, it’s not possible to disregard the truth that Florida is home to some species of birds that you can’t find everywhere else in the United States. Florida is likewise a key prevent alongside many distinguished birds’ migratory routes. Seeing such a lot of specific birds has made me extra curious about them, and I have to admit that I do experience seeing their vibrant shades and particular shapes and sounds. So spending a little time admiring those wild birds in their natural habitat is truly kind of a laugh.

  1. Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland

Because Circle B Bar Reserve is a Polk County Park, it’s not famous out of doors in its region, but it ought to be. It’s one of the great spots in the country to look at birds and other wildlife. Wonderful and massive trails wrap around Lake Hancock and wind via Banana Creek Marsh. A clean-to-examine trail map is to be had, displaying how Circle B Bar Reserve trails are broken into conceivable segments to discover.

  1. Phil Foster Park and snorkelling trail in Riviera Beach

Another county park, this one in Palm Beach County, Phil Foster Park, is special because of the 800-foot-long man-made reef and snorkel path advanced in 6 to ten toes of water. The location is mainly blessed with sea existence due to the fact it is an island just within the inlet for the Port of Palm Beach. The island supports the Blue Heron Boulevard bridge, whose pilings and rocks have long attracted numerous sea creatures — and scuba divers who come to see them. The additional systems created more habitat for sea life at an intensity perfect for snorkelers.

  1. West Martello Tower and Botanical Garden in Key West

Situated at the Atlantic about a mile from the Southernmost Point in Key West, West Martello Tower is a Civil War-generation castle that turned into by no means completed. Begun in 1863, production resulted in 1873. The tower was used by regional troops in the course of the Spanish-American War and housed radio stations at some stage in World Wars I and II.

By 1949, the unused destroy had taken into consideration an eyesore, and many wanted it torn down. Key West citizens fought to keep it, and the Key West Garden Club took over the site as their botanic garden.

  1. Enjoy a Sunset Celebration

What can probably be better than celebrating the top of every other best Florida day with a sunset birthday celebration? Watching the sun go down in Florida is absolutely a popular ritual for many locals as well as visitors to the nation. Luckily, the sunsets in Florida are quite magnificent, almost everywhere you appear to be. But specifically lovely can be the panoramic views afforded to sundown watchers who show up to be along the water on any of the state’s first-rate beaches.

  1. Go for a Nature Walk

One element that is usually rewarding and seldom expensive is a nature walk. Florida has numerous extremely good alternatives for nature walks. Filled with exclusive animals such as alligators and iguanas sunbathing, many nature areas provide unfastened admission or may additionally fee a nominal fee for on-site parking.


Florida may be famous for its amusement parks and high-end attractions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the state on a budget. From strolling the beach to visiting a wildlife refuge, there are plenty of top free things to do in Florida that won’t break the bank.

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